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Health booklet

Issuance and revalidation of health booklets including FREE courier service for sampling and return of a ready result:
Laboratory tests for the issuance and revalidation of health booklet – microbiological analysis for carriers of pathogenic intestinal flora and parasitological tests for protozoa and helminths – 15 BGN.

If you need an analysis of three or more biological samples for laboratory testing for issuance or revalidation of a health booklet, you can benefit from our offer!
In your restaurant, fast food, hotel, office or shop, you can take advantage on site of the courier service.

You need to prepare:

– Sample for testing;;
– Correctly completed health booklets;
– Legibly written company details for invoice.

“RAMUS” Laboratory courier will take the samples and return the certified booklets within three working days.

You can get additional information about the collection and storage of a biological sample at IMDL “Ramus” OOD, Sofia, 2-4 Angista Str., tel. 943 11 96, fax: 944 82 06, mobile: 0886 37 26 39, e-mail: info@ramuslab.com

The service is valid throughout the country!

To order a courier service after you have prepared the biological samples and the relevant documents, please call 0886 410 382 or the aforementioned phone numbers.

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